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Alex Dunn playing guitar

Reformed commercial fisherman and singer-songwriter Alex Dunn recently left Seattle and relocated to the rural outskirts of Aztec, New Mexico.  Dunn uses his own personal blend of Folk/Americana to reflect on the many lives he's led, from his youth along the border of Colorado and Wyoming to the quiet moments aboard commercial fishing vessels in the remote waters of Southeast Alaska.  Melodic sawdust and salt air, his music breathes with a sense of place, yet is imminently accessible and speaks to the universal.  His debut record Scattered Poems  was recorded in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington and released in the fall of 2018 - an elegant and timeless debut, graced by the talents of some of the Northwest’s finest roots musicians including Anna Tivel, Eli West, Sam Esecson and Birch Pereira.

Partnering with the label Color Red, he released his sophomore LP Southern Star on 12/3/21 - which he recorded with his band at Avast Recording Company and co-produced alongside multi-instrumentalist Bryant Moore.  


Alex Dunn Band Mate - Bryant Moore

Bryant Moore

Bass, vocals, production. Also a founding member and producer of Seattle soul legends the True Loves.

Alex Dunn Band Mate - Sam Esecson

Sam Esecson

Drums (Drummer, engineer and producer on Dunn's debut record Scattered Poems). Also long time drummer for the famous Canadian band The Paperboys.

Alex Dunn Band Mate - Cameron Peace

Cameron Peace

Guitars, vocals, sonic transformations.